Our Story

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”

These inspirational words by Thomas Edison propelled us to develop our idea about automated online sourcing that lead to the birth of Nivaara. With a clear vision in mind and a dedicated team of professionals began the journey of Nivaara, a comprehensive online platform that will eventually lead to a metamorphosis in the functioning of the development of novel products and drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Upon in-depth analysis of current processes to source intermediates & KSM, we realised that employment of efficient methodologies to procure the required material would save tremendous time, manpower and capital which will ultimately result in heightened productivity. Combining the best in-class technology with the available wherewithal and expertise of professionals in the pharmaceutical field, we launched our automated sourcing online platform. Designed to facilitate the overall R&D process of synthesising new drugs and intermediates, we provide our customers with assistance during the initial stages of sourcing a new/existing product, right until the stage of procuring bulk orders for commercial use. On associating with Nivaara, both suppliers and customers will be provided with the latest industry intel hereby increasing their business acumen.

Our core aim is to build a fundamental and powerful ecosystem that will significantly increase efficiency in the R&D segment by collaborating with several stakeholders such as investors, proficient employees and strategic partners. We truly believe that passion and dedication can turn every idea into reality. As we continue to grow exponentially, we would love to have you on-board as a supplier, customer or even a business partner.

Sign up with Nivaara and take a look at the services provided by us. We would love to hear about your experience with Nivaara. Do write to us with feedback and suggestions at info@nivaara.com